Take the flavour and quality
of Nature for a walk

Walking Fruit

Lemon 90 KCal
Pineapple 90 KCal
Mandarin 90 KCal
Peach 90 KCal
Prickly pear 90 KCal
Strawberry 90 KCal
Raspberry 100 KCal
Forest fruits 93 KCal

Our ice-creams and sorbets have all the flavour and quality of nature thanks to the use of 60% certified fruit which is not treated with pesticides. No emulsifier or flavouring, we only use mineral water, carob seeds and fructose with a low glycemic index.

Walking creams

White chocolate 220 KCal
Dark chocolate 200 KCal
Almond 230 KCal
Pistachio 230 KCal
Cremino (creamy chocolate) 200 KCal
Hazelnut 230 KCal

Only fresh cream and milk, no flavouring or emulsifier, no gluten or lactose. Our creams accompany the delight of high quality ingredients like Pistachios from Bronte PDO, Hazelnuts from Nebrodi and Pizzuta Almonds from Avola.

Walking Capricci desserts

Variegated hazelnut with granules 220 KCal
Variegated 220 KCal
Pistachio with granules 220 KCal
Variegated ricotta cheese 220 KCal
Hazelnut with granules 220 KCal
Variegated coffee 220 KCal

With Stecco Natura cold marries the tastiest recipes of the patisserie. Many great opportunities to take traditional desserts and many new tasty recipes for a walk, and all share the added ingredient of purity.
Ricotta cheese and Pear, Cheese Cake, Praline-coated desserts, Sachertorte with mandarin, Banana Split… are just some of the capricci desserts just waiting to be tasted.

Without but with flavour

Gluten free. No lactose,
flavouring or emulsifier, just the pleasures of Natura.

Una passeggiata Di salute perchè "senza" nel percorso di gusto di Stecco Natura non vuol dire rinunciare a qualcosa, ma anzi è una garanzia di bontà e naturalità che renderà ancor più speciale la vostra voglia di gelato.

By the way… we are not even puffed up, our ice-creams contain less than 20% air.

Stecco Nocciola

A story of Natura

A story of nature which has led to the birth of the healthiest and tastiest walking Stecco. We aim to offer the pleasure of walking all the goodness that Natura can offer and that cold can preserve and make even more delicious… in the tastiest possible way. The choice of excellent ingredients originating from Slow Food Presidia and PGI and PDO certification is enhanced by the expertise and enthusiasm we put into trying to provide the best product in terms of purity and passion.

Our goal is to make you take the best for a walk thanks to the ongoing quality control of our liquid mixes right up to the temperature of our laboratories and shops. We respect Nature and our customers’ tastes by using sticks made of beech-wood instead of the commonly used birch-wood.
Our special flavour is that of respecting tradition with a touch of "variegated" imagination which makes the pleasure of a Stecco Natura ice-cream even more desirable. One? Who said one?!

There is one to suit every taste, just take a walk with us in flavour!


We have all the ingredients in place to give you the opportunity to be a protagonist with Stecco Natura.

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Sometimes bringing our dreams and ambitions for a walk allows us to accomplish them. With Stecco Natura… of course!

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